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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Do You Make These Feng Shui Mistakes?

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by Kartar Diamond, Senior Feng Shui Consultant

Do You Make These Feng Shui Mistakes?

Use red color to activate an area:
The truth is that a large red-colored object emanates the fire element and is not necessarily the best way to activate an area. Fire happens to strengthen earth and there are earth-type energies responsible for sickness, arguments, and accidents. Please do not think that red is a "lucky" color because it can cause harm when placed in the wrong location.

Assume that your toilet is bad feng shui::
Remember that modern plumbing only brought the toilet into the house relatively recently and that there are no 6,000 year old feng shui case studies regarding the effects of a toilet in any part of the house. Much of what has been written about bad feng shui and toilets is exaggerative or not accurate at all.

Assume that a water fountain must be good feng shui:
Clean, gently flowing water can improve an environment in numerous ways, but an incorrectly-placed water fountain can also contribute to gossip, arguments, sexual scandal, legal problems and criminal activity.

Believe that your remedies will work better if you install them with love:
While good intentions, prayer and meditation can help improve one’s perspective and attitude, a real feng shui remedy does not require any personal energy in order for it to work, just as real medicine works whether you believe in it or not. Feng Shui remedies are not supposed to be placebos even though many people assume that to be the case.

Hang bamboo flutes on beams to correct their negative influence:
There was no such thing as an ancient Chinese bamboo flute like the ones you see today. Flutes like that originated in Italy. The so-called Chinese bamboo flute is a modern-day knick-knack. The only thing that really corrects the downward energy of an exposed beam is a false ceiling.

Think that an oval-shaped mirror in your bedroom will attract romance:
Mirrors are an irritant to the bedroom area, contributing to poor sleep as they bounce energy currents back and forth. Perhaps only indirectly, the mirror will force you to look at yourself more often-check your physical appearance and do something about it if it’s preventing you from meeting someone!

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Great article that goes beyond my earlier post that if it ain't broke don't fix it. How'd you do?

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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