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Thursday, July 07, 2005

“Feng Shui” Jewels …Great As Gifts Or For Your Own Personal Reason…Get Some And Make This A Very Special Holiday Season!

New York, NY– Pearls, diamonds, emeralds, rubies…boring! Bring some fashion and fun to the holidays this season and at the same time help create a “feel” unlike no other! The latest hot items in jewelry are taking the fashion scenes by storm this year, just in time for your holiday gift giving…Feng Shui Jewels.

Simply put, Feng Shui helps people feel charming about themselves and their surroundings. According to Nicole Citrin, owner and creator of Feng Shui Jewels and a certified Feng Shui consultant, “My pieces are meant to inspire and create a sense of overall well being for the wearer. There are pieces for relationships, wealth, career, and fertility, etc. I work to create jewelry that is beautiful to look at and also functional in design and concept”. Besides creating her own jewelry line, Nicole serves many clienteles (men, women, teens, etc.) in her one-on-one consultations as a certified Feng Shui consultant.

Feng Shui Jewels are very much desired and beautiful to wear. They are the perfect gift to give yourself or someone on your holiday list. Who wouldn’t love a piece of jewelry given from the heart that both looks good and helps create an aura that is calming and tranquil during the hectic season ahead?

Come on, join those in the “fashion must have groups” who have already begun their holiday shopping (and even bought a couple Feng Shui Jewels for themselves)!

For further information about how Nicole and Feng Shui can help you, please visit our website at http://www.fengshuijewels.com/ or contact us via e-mail at nicole@nicolecitrin.com

About Feng Shui Jewels
Balancing her love of color and design with a need to empower women to embrace their life goals, Nicole Citrin created Feng Shui Jewels in 2004. Ms. Citrin, a certified Feng Shui consultant, conceived this spiritually inspired collection after a successful career in the fashion industry.

I think these are a great gift! Check them out and post your comments.

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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