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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Toss Your Cell, Throw Away The TV!

EMF Protection Solutions: "Cell Phone Biological Studies
So far, over 200 studies have been completed and published during the last 10 years on cell phone EMF radiation and their possible effect on living tissue. Some of these studies were funded by the wireless industry and some are independent. It's interesting to see the numbers: 32% of industry-funded studies show biological effect, and 68% do not. However, among independent studies not funded by the industry, 71% show biological effect, and only 29% do not. (You are free to speculate about this variance.)

Anyway, the majority of these studies taken together (55%) have shown different changes in the living cells. These biological effects, can, but do not necessarily lead to health effects or diseases. All wireless devices must comply with certain health standards. These standards (SARs) only limit the amount of heat generated upon exposure. However, numerous published studies have shown biological effects occurring at levels up to 200,000 times below the allowed safety levels.

But what's alarming is that some of the biological effects documented in these studies involve the most essential functions of the cell, among them the cellular repair system. This potentially causes an increased number of unrepaired DNA strands and micronuclei, which constitutes a substantial cancer risk. It is a fact that the body, most of the time, is able to repair or undo such biological changes, but not all the time. Constant exposure could lead to a 'tipping point' at which the cells are not able to 'bounce back'; instead they degenerate and suffer cell death.

Dr. Henry Lai, an eminent researcher at the University of Washington, has compiled the abstracts of the 204 cell phone studies. If you are interested, you can download it here: Cell Phone Biological Studies Abstracts (right-click and 'Save As')"

Look at the dangers of EMF emitted from electronic devices. I don't normally post items off topic but this is reason for concern!

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