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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Feng Shui for Power

Feng Shui for Power : HindustanTimes.com: "Feng Shui for Power

Mohan Deep

Mumbai, May 9, 2005

This will read like the advertisements that depend on the theory of `then and now`. The scrawny youth, unable to take on the local bully, transforms into a muscular man!

The dark and ugly duckling that has no takers in marriage or even for a job, transforms into a beautiful maiden and lands a glamorous job and soon finds her Prince Charming! Abe was a middle level engineering executive with a major builder who has spread his wings with townships, malls and complexes in six major cities in India and some other countries.

Abe would arrive half an hour before the office started and slog the entire day which would stretch into night when he will carry the work home. The laptop had virtually become `the other woman` for his wife, sharing their space in the bedroom.

"I am working round the clock but there is no appreciation, no recognition of my work. Two of my junior colleagues have been promoted over my head. It is simply humiliation in an organization that has grown with my sweat and blood! This change has occurred because the younger generation of the builder's family has moved in with their ideas. They are vulnerable to the office politics and could be easily influenced by these smooth talkers. One of these colleagues even organized girls for them! And I know for a fact that they are always plotting against me. I'm tired." Abe revealed to me.

Cleverly, colleagues would even increase his workload but steal the credit. He wouldn't get any recognition.

I saw the floor plan of his house and also some photographs of the interior. The placement of furniture was such that the elements clashed causing conflicts. I straightened that clash as I suggested changes that went in harmony with north, northwest and south not to talk of southeast and southwest. Fortunately for him, the door of his house opened in north so there was no clash between the different Feng Shui schools.

My Feng Shui paintings, placed in the sectors I suggested, were to change his personae and his life. They triggered the Helpful Friends & Patronage corner, enhanced the Fame and Recognition sector and augmented his Career and Opportunities corner.

He wrote to me 4 months later.

"Feng Shui brought miraculous changes in my career. Here I was thinking of leaving the organization as I felt humiliated, and after the Feng Shui things started happening. It was amazing. Things happened that first exposed the treachery of one of these two colleagues. He was spotted having drinks with an estate agent by the boss' son. This raised suspicions. They kept tabs and saw that he and the estate agent were taking brokerage even for the direct buyers! They had been doing it for long. Soon, the games played by the second were exposed. He was getting kickbacks from the suppliers of building material.

"As the result of this my stock went up. Bosses started appreciating my work. I got promotion that included big raise, bigger office, larger car and most important, a feeling of belonging. The years of work that I had put in were rewarded. Free from office politics, I am now answerable only to the big bosses. Your Phoenix, The Greedy Dragon of Ambition and the Peak together changed my life. Now, I want to keep these triumvirates in the sample flat of our new project!"

(Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep, one of the top Feng Shui consultants in the world, is based in Mumbai, India. For more information you may visit http://www.fengshuimiracle.com or write to him at md@mohandeep.com. You can also contact him on 91-22-56997992. His cell number is 9820199378.Fax: 91-22-26350503)"

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