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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Feng Shui Tips For Your Kitchen

Feng Shui: Feng Shui Tips For The Kitchen: "Feng Shui: Feng Shui Tips For The Kitchen

Feng Shui Tips For The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the most important part of your house. The food you eat gives you energy and this food is prepared in kitchen, so it is important that proper attention is paid here. Here are some tips for your kitchen.

1 Be ruthless. Throw out items , which haven't been used in a year and a half. Unused presents and wrong purchases attract stagnant chi apart from taking up unnecessary space. Just throw throw out or give away items not used in the last year and a half. Get rid of all unnecessary: Clutter attracts stagnant chi resulting in harmful influences in your food. Only have items in the view that are used regularly and do not get in the way.

2 Keep waste baskets clean and out of sight . Stagnant chi can also take the form of smell. Bad stale smells are depleting your kitchen of vibrant healthy sheng chi.

3 Spring clean the cupboards regularly (every 6 or so months); they should be well organised, uncluttered and easily accessible Also, fit cupboards and shelves etc with rounded corners to avoid cutting chi into your body while preparing and cooking your food. Check out your kitchen for any corners pointing at your while preparing your meal.

4 Bowls of fresh fruit and flowers are great ways of attracting quality sheng chi into your kitchen and food. Make sure old fruit and dying flowers are thrown out immediately.

5 Throw out chipped plates. Chipped crockery attracts stagnant chi.

6 Cork flooring is more Yin in energy enabling you to spend more time comfortably in the kitchen. Stainless steel and ceramic tiles are more Yang in nature and can create fast moving chi. This may not be ideal if you want to spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It may leave you feeling drained or tired. Wood surfaces are also ideal for the kitchen.

7 Never keep your stove and sink next to each other; water and fire never go together . But if it can�t be helped then put a small plant or pot of herbs, in between, this will weaken the influence.

8 Empty refrigerator regularly. You'd be surprised what hidden ancient items you will find. The same applies to the stove, clean thoroughly every three months. Burn a candle and empty your fridge. Clean with vanilla essence.

9 Smile at your kitchen!"

As always, ensure anything decaying or broken is kept out of your kitchen and you can be sure of greatly improved feng shui. Great tips!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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