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Monday, July 18, 2005

Feng Shui Your Office Or Cubicle

Feng Shui Tips: Office Feng Shui Guidelines: "Office Feng Shui In A Workplace Office

Whether you are an employee or a business owner with his or her own office, your first step is to stand at the doorway of your office or work space and map out the areas according to the bagua.

Your main focus will be your wealth and fame areas, although you should also pay attention to the other six areas and decorate them accordingly.

Here are some tips to keep the energy flowing in your office:

1. According to office feng shui guidelines, your desk should be placed at a diagonal to the doorway or directly facing it, rather than with your back to it.

2. If there's more than one desk, place two on a diagonal facing towards the door and any others on a diagonal facing into the center of the room. They should not be placed in rows in a traditional classroom layout or back to back.

3. If the doorways of offices that face each other across a hallway are not exactly aligned, place a mirror on the front of each door.

4. If you face a partial wall or partition when entering an office, place a mirror on the partition.

5. Soften jutting walls with plants.

6. Break up dull walls with mirrors or paintings.

The feng shui elements that are easiest to blend into an office decor are pictures and photographs. Look for pictures that represent the various aspects and display them in the appropriate areas. Very obvious feng shui symbols might invite unwelcome questions from visitors or co-workers."

Today I'm posting a series of tips for the office. Of course whether you're the boss, or you just work there, or its a home office will make a difference in terms of what you are able to achieve with Feng Shui. To take a look at all three just click on the link above and go on through.

I hope you enjoy!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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