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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Looking For Your 15 Minutes Of Fame?

Astrology on the Web: Feng Shui Tips on Love, Fame and Education: "Feng Shui Tips On Fame

It is said that everybody has his or her 15 minutes of fame. For some, fame stares them in the face every minute of the day. Celebrities, politicians, socialites, and rich tycoons - they are always in the limelight. Reputation and fame is of great importance to them, as they represent the image of their company or their industry. Sometimes severe damage can be caused to reputations by scandals, lawsuits, convictions and gossip. Here is how you can avoid having your reputation tarnished, by using Feng Shui.

* Find out your Kua number and your best directions. Sleep with your head pointed at your sheng chi direction.
* If your career depends a lot on good reputation and fame, renovate your house so that the main door faces your sheng chi direction. If the main door of your house opens to large and imposing building on the opposite street or the edge of a large building, by all means move out, or at least hang a Pa Kua mirror above your front door (outside only) to soften the effect of the shar qi.
* According to the 8 Life Aspirations, the South section governs Fame and Recognition. The element of South is fire and the colour is red. If possible, paint this section of your house a lovely shade of bright red, or hang some red drapes there.
Wood produces Fire, so you can energize the fire element with the wood element. Place some wooden furniture in the South section of your home or office. You can also keep a candle burning there and hang a painting with red colour. Do not place any water feature in this section (such as an aquarium) as it will drown the natural fire element."

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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