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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bloomberg.com: Major Australian Hotel Embraces Feng Shui

Bloomberg.com: Australia & New Zealand: "Sydney Hilton Has A$200 Mln Renovation, No Longer `Ugly as Sin'

July 14 (Bloomberg) -- At 11 a.m. tomorrow morning, Mamdoh Kiriakos will welcome the Sydney Hilton's first guests in 2 1/2- years, following an A$200 million ($150 million) refurbishment of a hotel once labeled an ``embarrassment to the city.''

Gone are the 1970s pebble facade, dark foyer and twin car- ramps that former Lord Mayor Frank Sartor lambasted for being ``ugly as sin'' and an ``embarrassment'' to Sydney. In its place is a 43-story luxury hotel with a light-filled lobby, 577 feng shui-inspired rooms, the city's biggest gym and Australia's largest hotel conference center.

``It's like we were living in a cottage and are now coming back finding ourselves in a mansion,'' said 56-year-old Kiriakos, who has been the Hilton's doorman since 1978, welcoming guests from South African President Nelson Mandela to rock star Tina Turner and entertainer Liberace."

Very cool stuff! I live in Sydney, my partner and I will have to check this out!

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