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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Love Life Need Some Feng Shui?

Astrology on the Web: Feng Shui Tips on Love, Fame and Education: "Feng Shui Tips On Love

Love is an emotion all of us have experienced at one time or another. Countless songs, movies, poetry and artworks are dedicated to this powerful emotion. Many heroes and kingdoms rose and fell in the name of love. Here are some Feng Shui guides to activate your romance luck and to enhance your relationship.

* If you are single or looking to improve your relationship, sleep with your head pointed in your Nien-Yin (Relationships) direction according to your Kua number.
* Avoid sleeping facing the door as the shar qi (killing breath) will be very strong and will cause problems in your relationship.
* Strengthen the Southwest section of your home. According to the Feng Shui principle of Eight Life Aspirations, the Southwest section governs romance and marital happiness. The element of the Southwest is Earth. Activate that section with a pleasant decoration of small rocks or anything made from terracotta or clay. Alternatively, hang a picture of a mountain minus any water feature.
* Watch out for any poison arrows brought by the edges of pillars of furniture in your bedroom. These poison arrows bring harmful shar qi and will affect you, therefore affecting your relationship as well. Cover the offending edges with a soft cloth or a potted plant.
If you are single and looking for love, hang a painting of peonies, the Chinese flower of love in your house or bedroom. Also, balance the Yin and Yang in your house. If you are male, display items or photos that represent the presence of females/Yin. If you are female, some images or displays that show maleness and masculinity will be beneficial."

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