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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ecstacy In The Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips- 30 free tips, updated monthly.: "Bedroom Ecstacy

I have often been asked for tips on improving the Feng Shui of my clients and students’ bedrooms. As one of the key areas that is focused upon in a consultation and the very fact that we spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom, means the question is a very relevant one.

So, what are the taboos for the bedroom? What should a person do or not do within the scope of their bedroom?

There are two aspects of Feng Shui that we need to assess when analyzing the Feng Shui of a bedroom. The first being the typical formulae based assessment to determine the type of Qi affecting the room. The other aspect of bedroom Feng Shui is the room layout and placement of the door, bed and window.

It would be too extensive to go into the numerous aspects of a bedroom, so I have taken the liberty of compiling some of the more frequently asked questions.

They asked: Is water in the bedroom a bad thing?

Answer: I would have to say, yes and no to this. I know it’s a grave concern for many people and couples might very well end up at odds, arguing over this. But the fact of the matter still stands, if a room is not conducive for water, you are going to feel its negative influence. An example of this would be if the room has negative facing stars, where water is only going to bring about a more disastrous consequence.

My usual advice is that if the water is still and it is not very large, it’s usually nothing to worry about. Otherwise, every person who had a glass of water next to him for a midnight drink might awake to find his wealth gone. Also, if the water used is placed correctly, if the room is suited for it, then there is nothing to worry about.

More commonly, I am asked if this water will result in a bad relationship. Only in exceptional cases, where the room has peach-blossom stars, can having water in your room lead to relationship troubles. Otherwise, you’re on safe ground with that midnight drink you like to have.

They asked: Are flowers in my room considered too much yang energy?

My answer: Flowers are neither yang nor yin Qi and they do not create anymore Qi in your room than there already is. As long as you are not allergic to them, go right ahead and have them in your bedroom.

They asked: Do ensuite bathrooms create yin Qi in my room? Does it suppress my good luck?

My answer: I will need to take you way back to the days when toilets were really outhouses and sanitary systems involved some bucket of sorts. They were smelly, dirty and hygiene was not a primary concern of these ancient toilets. A cleaner had to come in the mornings or evenings to clean these foul smelling places and it was only natural that they were a breeding ground for diseases.

Back in the 21st century, we now have designer toilets. They are, thankfully, beautiful, clean and do not pose a health hazard unless something get backed up along the way.

What yin Qi do we have to deal with?

Look at it this way. Your toilet occupies a miniscule area of your home in which you spend a grand total of 45-60 minutes a day. So, there is nothing to worry about and your ensuite toilet is not emitting any bad feng shui so long as you keep it clean and pleasant.

And here are the key aspects you DO want to look out for:

The most important thing in your bedroom is quite obviously the bed. As far as possible, locate your bed against a solid wall, align your headboard to your favorable direction and locate your bed in a sector where there are good mountain stars.

Also, make sure your bed is not aligned in between two doors; that is do not have your bed in such a position that a door opens to your right and another to your left. Its also a good idea to position your bed in such a way that it is not directly aligned with the door or sitting under a beam. "

Create a sanctuary in your bedroom, you'll never feel better!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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