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Monday, July 18, 2005

Office Feng Shui When You're The Boss

Feng Shui Tips: Office Feng Shui Guidelines: "Office Feng Shui In Your Own Company
The exterior aspects of any building where your business is located are as important as the internal office feng shui.

1. When first setting up your business premises, choose an office or work space in a prosperous neighborhood.

2. Make sure the entrance to your building or premises looks inviting rather than nondescript. You may need to make some simple cosmetic changes to achieve this effect.

3. Avoid renting premises at the end of a T intersection. If you do, research the feng shui cures that counteract the resulting negative energy flow.

4. The best site for a building is on a corner, with the entrance on a diagonal to the corner itself.

5. Use the feng shui bagua to organize the interior layout of the premises. Then use the guidelines in the next section for each individual room as well."

Today I'm posting a series of tips for the office. Of course whether you're the boss, or you just work there, or its a home office will make a difference in terms of what you are able to achieve with Feng Shui. To take a look at all three just click on the link above and go on through.

I hope you enjoy!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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