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Monday, July 18, 2005

Do Real Men Buy Feng Shui?

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"Do Real Men Buy Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an ancient natural earth science, which explores the physics of our environment and the predictable outcome of its impact. Credited with originating in China thousands of years ago, and professionally practiced only by men until very recently, Feng Shui has been regarded as a highly evolved, secretive, metaphysical art. Power lies in the use of this knowledge and the emperors of China would employ a Feng Shui Master to advise them in the construction of their palaces as well as the auspicious timing of their political maneuvers.

Feng Shui, as described by Thomas Lee at a Yale University conference in May of 1996, is the "theory of time and geography in Chinese culture." He also stated that "the outstanding financial performance of the New York stock market and the academic achievements of Yale University may be explained by K'an Yu (Feng Shui) theory". In Lee's address, he further recommended that in order to understand the difficult theories which constitute the science of Feng Shui, that related subjects include "Architecture, Town-Planning, Probability, Fuzzy Logic, Chaos Theory, Land Surveying, Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing".

The mathematics and astronomy used in Feng Shui can identify predictable building and site location models which could be said to possess personality traits. This is no small matter when the implications are that we can consciously design buildings and environments which will have a reliable impact on the occupants who live and work in such surroundings. Lee points out some of the more crucial building types which can produce environments that 1) maximize the success of a commercial operation, 2) fire-prone houses for preventative planning, 3) robbery-prone structures for police force allocation, 4) interior design considerations to control birth rate, 5) site location for optimum school buildings, 6) correlation analysis between building orientation and illness, and 7) influence of topography on cultural and personality development.

So why are 90% of my Feng Shui clients and students women? Why do so many Western men ignore the concept of Feng Shui, regard it as superstition, or exotic New Age non-sense? (Of course, there is the occasional male architect or contractor or realtor, curious about a subject that is starting to be requested in his own business.)"

I'd like to know the answer to this too! Whilst I only discovered my green thumb on a trip to Canada at Christmas time when I gazed out and in the middle of the rockies I saw a great big ugly smelter (a big foul poluting factory for the unaquainted), I am totally embracing Feng Shui, why do you think I started Feng Shui Tips?

Bah! "New age mumbo jumbo", "superstition".... men who are like this suck (and aren't most of them?)!

I'm glad I found Feng Shui, I'm doing better since I did dispite a steep learning curve (not exactly user friendly is it, why do you think I'm writing a book?)

Maybe if the man in your life isn't embracing Feng Shui and Feng Shui Tips you could show him this post. I'm an Aussie bloke, as bushie as the rest, and if its good enough for me.....

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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