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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Feng Shui Bedroom Blunders, Don't Make These Mistakes!

Feng Shui Advantage - FSA Article - Feng Shui Mistakes to Avoid in the BEDROOM!: "Feng Shui Mistakes to Avoid in the BEDROOM!
by P.K. Odle, The Feng Shui Advantage

While considering each individual's best sleeping direction and avoiding his or her "Lonely Pillow" direction. (Both are determined by your year of birth in relation to your gender.) There are several environmental factors to consider when choosing the position of your bed, such as:

Large MIRRORS - aren't recommended in the bedroom, because they aren't conducive to a restful nights sleep. Mirrors reflect light... light is Yang Qi, which is active energy. By reflecting light mirrors stir-up the Qi in the bedroom, where you want the Qi to be more Yin / still and restful. Besides, mirrors could reflect your bedroom activities to the neighbor. This wouldn't create a feeling of security and safety in the bedroom. Plus, if the mirror is in your "Lonely Pillow" direction, it will cause you to be single.

Headboard against a wall! The wall provides stillness of energy to provide a restful nights sleep. You want the Qi to be still at top of your head. If you angle your bed in a corner, there will be too much movement in the Qi at the top of your head for you to have a good night’s sleep. When there is a window above or behind the head-of-the-bed, be sure the window is closed when you are in bed, because a closed window stops the movement of Qi. After all Qi moves with Wind & Water.

Clear view of the bedroom entrance... without being in-line with door. If you're in-line with an OPEN doorway, you'll be hit directly by the Qi coming through the OPEN doorway. I emphasize OPEN, because the majority of Feng Shui books fail to mention that a door must be OPEN for the Qi to move through it. After all doors, like windows, stop the movement of Wind & Water. So if you have no choice but to sleep in-line with the door... CLOSE the door, or at least keep it ajar to direct the Qi away from the bed.

Bathrooms mustn't be seen from the bed. With bathrooms it is a sanitation issue. Keeping the door closed or at least ajar is the simplest solution. Moving the bed would be another solution.

Sharp corners , caused by oddly shaped rooms, pointed directly at the bed or bedroom door are considered an 'Angle or Metal Sha'. These cause instability and insecurity to the relationship as well as health problems. Some remedies for this type of sha (negative affect) are rounding the sharp edge off the corner, concealing it with molding, or positioning the bed in another location.

Avoid large exposed beams above the bed , which cause various problems depending on their position. Move beds and other occupied furniture out from under exposed beams. If it is impossible to move the bed, conceal them with an actual flat ceiling or use thick multi-colored tapestry-type fabric by stapling the cloth as if it were an actual ceiling over the bed.

* When the beam is chopping across the body, health problems in that area of the body will develop. Once again we are dealing with the harshness of a direct hit of Qi, which is being directed downwards off the sides of the beam.
* Beam dividing bed between two pillows , from head to toe, the harmony of the union is in jeopardy. The Qi coming down from the sides of the beam could cause separation or divorce.

A bed positioned between two of the unseen energy patterns. To find these unseen energy areas, divide the width and depth of your entire home by three creating a tic-tac-toe type grid. If your body is divided you will have health problems in the region where the two energy patterns bisect your body. When a bed is divided from head-to-toe between the two pillows by an unseen energy grid line, the occupants are sleeping in two different energy combinations... which cause relationship problems. A couple described it best when they said "it's like we're sleeping in the same bed in different rooms." The solution is to move the entire bed into one section of the house grid. Hopefully, the section with the best energy combination.

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P.K. Odle is an internationally respected instructor for the renowned American Feng Shui Institute and founder of The Feng Shui Advantage. To learn more about Classical Feng Shui and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://www.FengShuiAdvantage.com"

How'd you do? Making these simple changes in your bedroom can make a really big difference to the energy in your life!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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