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Monday, July 18, 2005

Feng Shui Your Home Office

Feng Shui Tips: Office Feng Shui Guidelines: "Office Feng Shui In A Home Office
Use office feng shui if you're working from home to maintain a professional approach to your business.

1. Use a separate entrance to your office if at all possible.

2. Otherwise, choose a room near the front or back door of the house or apartment.

3. Separate your office from living areas to keep your business and personal lives separate.

4. If your office space is part of another room, divide it from the rest of the room with a screen or large plants.

5. Take a short walk before entering your office to work each day and another one at the end of your working day. This separates the business and personal aspects of your life.

6. Place your desk on the corner diagonally opposite to the doorway.

7. Don't place your desk under a window, but let the light reflect on it from the side. Some people prefer to have their desks facing east.

8. Leave space between your furniture (bookshelves etc.) and the walls. Feng shui experts suggest leaving a 7-9 inch gap.

9. An important aspect of office feng shui is to keep your work space tidy to allow a free flow of energy throughout the room.

10. Differentiate between clutter and storage. Stored items don't have to be catalogued and labeled but they should be stacked neatly in a cupboard or in binders so as not to impede energy flow."

Today I'm posting a series of tips for the office. Of course whether you're the boss, or you just work there, or its a home office will make a difference in terms of what you are able to achieve with Feng Shui. To take a look at all three just click on the link above and go on through.

I hope you enjoy!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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