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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Feng Shui This! . . . All you need to know about turning home into sanctuary

By Tanya Young and Andrea Gerasimo, Feng Shui Consultants

Menomonie's Feng Shui consultants, Andrea Gerasimo and Tanya Young, team up to give you room-by-room advice and tools, helping you to create a living environment that supports your highest goals and endeavors.

We've been noticing in the past couple of years that Feng Shui has gone from a little-known practice to a mainstream, hot topic. From the Feng Shui-inspired features on HGTV to the specialized Feng Shui candles at Target, Feng Shui is popping up everywhere. Many architectural firms are integrating Feng Shui principles into their designs, and companies are turning to Feng Shui consultants to improve their corporate culture and office environment.

Clearly Feng Shui is here to stay.

Perhaps you're already into Feng Shui or maybe you're a Feng Shui novice who wonders, "Just what is Feng Shui and how DO you pronounce it?" The last question is easy; just say "fung shway." And the good news is, you don't have to understand Feng Shui's ancient history (it's thousands of years old) in order to understand or experience its effects.

Consider this: At some point in time you've probably entered someone's home and immediately felt content, so comfortable that you secretly desired to move in. Or, conversely, you may have felt ill-at-ease and wanted to hightail it out of there. Regardless of whether you stayed or bailed, you were consciously or unconsciously responding to the energy in the space. We would call that a "Feng Shui experience."

You may have been influenced by any number of elements that contributed to the home's well-being or lack thereof. Those elements might include floor plan and furniture arrangement, color and d/cor, dynamics of the inhabitants and the presence or absence of clutter (the modern man's plague).

Amidst the increasing stresses of modern living, folks are realizing the necessity of returning to a home that nurtures and inspires them. While the pace in Menomonie and the Midwest doesn't quite match that of, say, Manhattan or L.A., we know from conversations with clients, friends and neighbors that people here are stressed, and are eager for new approaches that will bring long-lasting ease and harmony to their lives.

Thus, it seems the perfect time to share with our community room-by-room advice on how to turn home into sanctuary. Each month, we'll offer you tools and adjustments that you can employ to create space that is highly functional, beautiful and just plain feels good.

Let's get started with the front door ...

In Feng Shui the front door/entryway is one of the most important elements of the home. Making adjustments there is a sure-fire way to bring about change, including evolving aspects of your life that feel stuck, and attracting new opportunities. While there are literally dozens of ways to enhance your front door/entryway, the following adjustments are a good place to begin your Feng Shui journey.

Bring in the breath

In Feng Shui, the front door (not the garage or side door) is considered the metaphoric mouth of the home where all of the energetic support enters the space. Not so different from how breath enters our body nourishing every cell with oxygen. So, use your front door as often as possible and make sure that it can open fully (no heaps of recycling, seasonal clothing or pet paraphernalia).

Get noticed

Consider painting your front door a color that is different from any other part of the home's exterior (siding, trim, roof, shutters, etc.) Make sure that it's a color that you like and one that tells the world a little bit about you. If you have a glass door or a wooden door that you don't want to paint, add color in other ways such as hanging a wreath, lintel or other brightly-colored decorative item.

Place the house or fire number so it's visible to approaching visitors.

If your front door is not visible from the driveway or road, you have what is called a "hidden door." To make sure that opportunity and blessings find you, hang a wind chime, windsock or other eye-catching object where it would be seen upon approach. Creative landscaping such as a winding path, colorful plantings or an arbor can also lead energy to your door.

Get fit

Maintain the sidewalk and steps and replace or repair broken items (light bulbs, handrails, screening, doorbell, etc.). Note: A broken doorbell can cause confusion. For a short-term solution, place a note inviting visitors to knock.

The door should swing easily (no sticky knobs or screeching hinges). Also, beware of the pesky entry rug that's too thick and consistently gets swept into a heap.

Clutter: Identify what accumulates in your entry and designate an appropriate container, such as a basket for incoming mail, a container for keys, dog leashes, and other small items, so that your brain immediately perceives order versus chaos.

Touch it up

The entry is where first impressions are made, so don't be stingy: Lavish the space with some of your favorite artwork and objects.

If you're seeking more abundance in your life, consider placing a round vessel, such as a bowl or a basket, inside the front door to receive good fortune.

Notice which of these Feng Shui adjustments resonate most with you and begin there, holding in mind your highest intentions and goals. Keep your eyes and ears open to the changes unfolding in your life, and enjoy!

Check back in August for our next segment where we will focus on the bedroom and ways to improve your sleep, your partnership and many other aspects of your life.

I hope this article helps to get you started!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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