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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Feng Shui Your Website

Feng Shui your website: "Feng Shui your website
Posted online: Sunday, July 03, 2005 at 0116 hours IST

Ever since the internet went worldwide in 1993, communication has just progressed by leaps and bounds. Following that, businesses of all sorts have decided to take the path of the information superhighway. After all, going online meant that you could reach people who were living halfway around the world just as easily as if they were next to you. Everything being constantly in flux, even the application of Feng Shui principles has taken on a very contemporary appeal. Here, we offer some tips on website Feng Shui, which you can combine with your own innovative ideas for a modern yet auspicious website design.

Similar to masthead designs in newspapers and magazines, the top of your webpage should have a prominent display of your company name, company logo and nature of business. When designing your company logo please keep in mind that rounded and curved shapes are preferred over sharp and angular ones. Avoid incorporating inauspicious elements in your logo design because these harbor negative energy. In any case, if your company logo happens to be angular and you cannot change it, then make sure that none of the Poison Arrows are directed at your company name or even your product name. For an idea on what auspicious colours or shapes to use, apply the 5 element analysis to the nature of your business. First, check the table below for the dominant elements symbolized by your business. Then, refer to the appropriate colors and shapes for your design.

But there is one very important point I have to stress on. Don’t get so carried away with the idea of applying Feng Shui to your web design that you end up having an entire Pa-Kua on your website. (Caution: Do not put a Pa-Kua on your website. It is a very potent symbol used for protection. Hence, it is normally displayed to deflect Shar Chi. If it is incorrectly used, its power to repel may put off many of your would-be users).

Lastly, try to aim for a well-balanced design for your website. When the yin and yang energies are in harmony, then the inflow of good luck is smooth and unobstructed."

Keep an eye out for the changes to the blog to come (if I can work out how! If you know how, post a comment and I'll be in touch)

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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