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Monday, July 25, 2005

Seven Feng Shui Tips

Home Improvement: Feng Shui: Seven Feng Shui Tips: "Seven Feng Shui Tips for Well-being
Improve your emotional and physical health with feng shui

By Angi Ma Wong

1. Remove Clutter in Your Home and Office
Clutter obstructs the beneficial energy called chi in your environment, blocking the actualization of the good things you want to achieve in your life. Take a good, hard look at your walls, furniture and accessories. Eliminate half or more of what's there, store it and rotate it from time to time. Dispose ruthlessly in order to allow new things to enter your life.

2. Create a Private Place for Yourself
It is essential to your well-being to surround yourself with souvenirs, artwork, books, awards, goals, images and mementos that nourish your spirit. Remember that less is more and change these things as you and your life change. This space can be as small as a favorite corner or chair but it is exclusively yours, a place where you can dream your dreams and find peace and serenity.

3. Ensure a Good Night's Rest
Look around your bedroom with a critical eye to see what might be disturbing your sleep. Eliminate as much electronic equipment as you can because it emanates waves that disturb chi. Close the bathroom door leading to your room, as well as the toilet seat and cover. Cover up mirrors that activate yang energy in what should be a yin environment conducive to rest. Avoid stimulating colors like red and gold, using instead, yin colors such as blues, greens and pastels. Do not place water features or too many live plants or fresh flowers in your bedroom.

4. Activate Your Relationships Area
If you're looking to renew or find a new partner for companionship, love, romance and perhaps a permanent commitment, try enhancing the southwest area. In every room of your home, especially your bedroom, examine that direction critically. Is it filled with clutter, a nightstand covered with stuff or worsenothing? Set one or two symbols, usually in pairs, that represent loving relationships in this place: pink quartz crystals, heart shapes or anything made of earth materials such as porcelain, china, clay, stone or terra-cotta. Fire elements and symbols such as lights and candles will add extra punch to your efforts, but do not use any wood or green here.

5. Add More Yang to Your Life
Introduce more light, music, water, air, plants, mirrors, windchimes, bright colors and flowers into your life. Throw open the drapes and curtains or open up your miniblinds all the way to literally let the sun shine in. Bring in lots of green houseplants to activate the yang chi of joy and happiness.

6. Create an Interior or Exterior Environment That Promotes Health
Fresh, clean, moving water; good air quality; straightforward traffic patterns in your home or office; a balance of dark and light, soft and hard surfacesall of these facilitate the flow of beneficial chi. If you or other family members often experience illness, accidents or calamities, walk around the outside of your house and notice if there are any corners of buildings pointed directly toward your front entrance or bedrooms. Block the view with plants if possible, or you can position a small mirror facing the offending corner to send the "killing energy" back to its origin.

7. Bring the Outdoors In
Bring the natural world back into your home and office. Invest in artwork with images of nature as a reminder that there is a world out there. Add lots of indoor plants in the east, southeast and south areas of your home. But shy away from dried flowers, especially in the bedroomsuch floral arrangements wreak havoc on your love and sex life."

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