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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Drive Away Wedding Woes With Feng Shui

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Metro: "Ways to drive away wedding woes
Feng Shui Matters Pinky Kapoor

Marriages may be made in heaven, but there’s rarely one that doesn’t have its share of problems. While arguments and tiffs are natural in any relationship, the secret to a happy marriage is to be able to reconcile differences and carry on.

Feng Shui offers some solutions that have helped in saving a lot of marriages over the years. Incorporating these in your lives can help strengthen your love life.

Element effect

It is advisable to match the compatibility charts before you decide on marrying a person. However, if you are already married and are having problems, then it’s likely that there is a clash between the elements in your astrological birth charts.

For instance, if someone with a strong fire element is married to a strong metal person, the relationship is bound to be a difficult one. The aggression of the fire person will always try to dominate the metal partner and will result in a clash since metal can’t be bent.

To remedy this situation, you need to introduce earth elements in the south-west, which is the marriage corner of the house. Fire and metal elements become friendly the moment the earth element, in the form of an amethyst rock, is introduced between them. This is because in the productive cycle of the five elements of nature, fire creates earth, which in turn creates metal.

Marriage corner

The south-west sector of the house is associated with love and happy relationships. So, couples are always advised to occupy this room. The extreme south-west corner of the bedroom should be the focal point, where a couple’s photographs should be displayed along with other love symbols like pairs of birds and ducks.

This area should also be adorned with objects derived from nature to bring earth-like stability in the relationship. These can be made of marble, stone, terracotta, onyx, crystal, porcelain, ceramic, cut glass, amethyst and semi-precious stones.

These objects should always be displayed in pairs. Never place a solitary picture or an image here as this suggests loneliness in life. Also, more than a pair would crowd a marriage, thus inviting a third person in a couple’s life.

The décor of the master bedroom should have liberal doses of earthy colours like beige, cream, yellow and rust, particularly in the south-west corner. Vibrant hues like red, maroon, purple, mauve, peach and pink are fire colours that nourish the earth element and also bring passion in the relationship.

Do not introduce anything that weakens the earth element like metal, water and wood. Also, avoid their respective colours like white, grey, blue, black and green. Do not place anything here that suggests movement like a water body, television set, music system, computer and pendulum clock.

If you are not married yet and are looking for a life partner, then the south-west part of your bedroom should be energised with Valentine’s Day cards, crystals, pictures of couples in heart-shaped photo frames and wallpapers with heart motifs. Heart symbolises universal love and heart-shaped objects help bring romance into a single person’s life.

Crystal clear

Lights play a special role in bringing Yang Chi that helps generate love and passion. Therefore, make sure there is no darkness in any of the love corners of your house.

A bunch of well-cut crystals are considered important enhancers of the strong earth sector when activated with light. This promotes harmony and love and keeps a marriage sparkling forever. Their placement in the south-west energises the love Chi of this area, thereby accumulating energy that draws romance and marriage to its occupants.

The crystals need to be energised once a week by placing them in the sun for at least three to four hours. This way they are bathed and invigorated with morning sunshine when Yang Chi is dominant and radiate wonderful positive energy in your home when placed in marriage corners.

To balance the Chi, it is equally important to bathe them on a full moon night when the moon shines in its complete glory and the Yin Chi is at its most powerful.

If unwanted guests visit your bedroom or engage in an argument, then these crystals pick up the negative vibrations. To get rid of these negative vibes you must immediately cleanse the crystals by washing them in salt water and then purifying them in rose water.

Rock solid

The most effective way of enhancing and stabilising the marriage Chi is by creating a rockery with boulders, pebbles or decorative stones in the south-west corner of your garden or balcony. To make it more auspicious and strong, spray a few rocks with red paint.

These can also be energised with red decorative light. Red is an extremely auspicious colour that is strongly associated with marriage.

Personal direction

Finally, you should not ignore your personal Nien Yen (marriage) direction that is calculated according to your year of birth. Ensure that it is energised along with the south-west.

If your Nien Yen direction happens to be the north, west or north-west, then introduce a metal figure of a dancing couple here. If the direction is south, east or south-east, place figures of ducks in pairs. South-west and north-east should have a display of ceramic love birds.

Auspicious eight

According to Buddhists, the eight auspicious symbols — mystic knot, cowrie shell, good luck jar, vase, canopy, lotus, sacred wheel and double fish — are excellent for absorbing negative and stagnant energy prevailing in the love corner. When placed in the south-west, these act as stimulants for reviving unhappy marriages."

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