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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's official, looks matter!

It's official, looks matter- The Times of India: "It's official, looks matter

When it comes to swank offices, city bureaucrats sure know how to add the special effects

If you thought government offices were all about untidy rooms, cluttered with cheap wooden or plastic chairs, with a pile of dirty files on a rickety old table, you certainly are living in a time warp. A visit to the chambers of some high profile babus and police wallahs will make you see the brighter, comfortable and luxurious side of the city's sarkari daftars.

Polished to perfection: The interiors of the DGP's office present a stone and wood combination. Designed on Oxford pattern, it has state-of-the-art furniture that includes leather sofas, chairs, false ceiling with concealed light, coloured glass panes that blend with the green background of the lawn. Conceptualised by the then DGP VKB Nair, present DGP Yashpal Singh and Assistant to DGP VK Gupta alongwith other officers, the emphasis has been on allowing an unobstructed view of the greens outside from the chamber itself.

Mandi magic: Though whole building of Mandi Parishad is an antithesis of the shabby image of government offices, its conference hall, meeting hall and officers' room deserve a special mention. The conference hall has hosted four meetings of UP Development Council (UPDC) whose high profile members include, Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Ambani, KM Birla, KB Kamath, MS Banga, Subrato Roy Sahara, Dr Pratap C Reddy and Nandan Nilekani. And one meeting of State Film Development Council which was chaired by Jaya Bachchan.

Beautiful interiors: SSP Lucknow's office is simple yet stylish. The office has undergone a complete makeover. SSP Navniet Sekera is more than happy with his new neat, attractive workplace. The office interiors designed by his Mrs Sekera and ASP Shachi Ghildyal, has home made curtains, four different types of lighting patterns and furniture which is quite contemporary. Soon his office will have a laser Indian tri-colour too.

Spaced out: The LDA VC's office also deserves a mention among the modern and jazzed up sarkari workplaces of the city. The office has a spacious and uncluttered corporate look with big, horizontal windows on three sides, stylish office table, wooden chairs and sofas.

Vaastu shastra: The office of Ashu Jain, competent authority & administrator, custom and narcotics, follows the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui. Every object in the room is colour co-ordinated. The dark brown Victorian style table is beautifully complemented by chairs, sofas, carpet, corner units etc. The window has designer cloth mats, lights have been toned down to slight yellow, sitting arrangement is on the south-west of the room, paintings, Feng Shui plant, chandelier, laughing Buddha, all impart a chic look to the office while ensuring unrestricted flow of positive energy.

Talk about room service!

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