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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Feng Shui Tips :: Red rules for restaurants

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Metro: "Red rules for restaurants

Q: I am planning to open a Chinese restaurant. I have observed that most Chinese eateries use lots of red in the decor. It is often seen on doors, wall hangings, table linen and other decoratives. What is the significance of this colour and how can I best use it in my restaurant?


The Solution: Red is the warmest of the seven colours of the rainbow. It has the power to motivate us, increase our vitality, make us powerful and strengthen our self-confidence. It is excellent for restaurants since the business is connected with cooking that represents fire energy.

But too much red can over-stimulate customers and make them aggressive. Just highlight the south wall with red and have a soft touch of this colour in the environment, through accessories.

Welcome ways

Q: I live in a bungalow where the entrance is from a small veranda in the east. We face west while entering the house. Is this an eastern or western entrance? Also, I would like to know how I could make the veranda and entrance Feng Shui-friendly.


The Solution: The direction from which you enter, rather than the one you are facing while entering, is taken as the direction of the entrance. Your house has an eastern entrance.

According to Feng Shui, this direction is considered very auspicious as the solar energy flows from here. It brings with it new opportunities, clarity and enlightenment for its residents.

The veranda or a porch or a few steps leading to your main door are all considered an invaluable intermediary space that connects the outer world to your private world. It is similar to the sacred threshold of a temple.

Care should be taken to keep this area always clean so that it has a welcoming effect. Since your veranda is in the east, place plenty of fresh green plants here. This will make the Chi entering your house more gentle and meandering. Placing the plants here will not only attract positive and auspicious energy but will also absorb any kind of negative energy.

Hanging baskets with jade plants or coloured flowers with wooden chimes at regular intervals will also help attract good fortune. Ensure that the chairs and table you place here are made of wood or cane. These should have a blend of green and blue upholstery.

Business talk

Q: I had completed my BBA from the US in 2001. Since then I have been working in a pharmaceutical company. I am quite well-paid, but I do not enjoy the work and would like to do something on my own. My date of birth is November 25, 1978. Please suggest a suitable field for me.


The Solution: According to your pillars of destiny, you are a weak metal person who needs to be strengthened with the earth element. Fire will also help give you a high status in life.

Presently you are going through yang fire period, where change in profession is inevitable.

You can make the best of this time by venturing into a new business related with real estate, construction, investment or computers."

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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