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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Make Your (Home) Office Reflect You

Feng Shui Guide: "Make Your (Home) Office Reflect You by Maria Marsala

If you're reading this, then you are spending quite a bit of time in
a room or corner of your home you call 'my home office'. The 'feel'
of this area is so important to your creativity - not to mention your
sanity! Below are some questions your office has been meaning to ask
you! Use these questions to get your home office into tip-top shape
and make it a room in which you really enjoy spending your time.

Do I smell great to you?
Think about buying some candles, incense, essential oils or an
aromatherapy lamp. Don't forget to open the windows every now and
again, too!

How private am I?
If you don't have any privacy, find a way to create some. Even if
your office is a corner area, there ARE ways to make it private.

How do I feel?
Cozy, open, bright, warm, full... whatever feels good to you, make
your office feel that way, too.

Where are your personal items?
Many years ago, it was not 'professional' to have family pictures on
your desk. Now that you own your office, you can do what you like!

How is my wall treatment?
If your office needs repainting or new wallpaper, set aside the money
and time to get it done. Consider hanging pictures or posters you

Is my desk arranged to promote your brilliance and creativity?
If you can sit at your desk and see out the window or into the rest
of the house, do it!

How do my windows look?
Clean curtains, shades, and windows add to the feel of any room,
including your office.

Have you cleaned out my files and desk in the past year?
Make room for "the new" by cleaning out "the old". Throw away
paperwork when you know you'll find current information on the
Internet or at the library.

Where is my supply cabinet or closet?
The closer these items are to your office, the fewer the number of
items on your "to complete" list.

Am I organized to your liking?
If not, visit www.coachmaria.com/businessbooks.html#organizing for a
list of organizing, Feng Shui, and clutter control books.

About the Author
Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved. Maria Marsala, Business & Life
Coach-Consultant. Maria works with individuals as they design, start
and grow their business or career around what they love to
do. Visit http://www.CoachMaria.com to subscribe to "Growing You and Your
Business" a free weekly online newsletter."

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