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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Career Section

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Career Section

The majority of my feng shui clients whether they are looking for a new job, a promotion or new business contacts, request career changes as one of their primary goals. Money is a concern of many people these days. When someone says to me 'Where is my wealth corner?', my response is: Changing your career area in your home or office, will enhance your wealth. The end result of energizing your career is likely to be a new job offer or a promotion.

The career area of the bagua is always in the front center of your home or office. If your front door is in the center then it is in the career area. The diagram above illustrates the placement of the career gua.

The career gua is associated with the water element and the color black in Chinese Five Element Theory so many of the recommended feng shui cures include water. Appropriate cures to enhance your career, include: Feng Shui Crystals, mirrors, an indoor water fountain, a fish tank, and black design elements. Don't forget - a metal windchime placed over your kitchen stove activates your career as well. If you like incense use Feng Shui Career incense in your home or office. Read our Testimonials for some examples of recent client's feng shui career cures. "


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