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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Feng Shui Design Tips For the Marriage/Relationship Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips For the Marriage/Relationship Area

Your Marriage/Relationship/Partnership area is always in the far right corner of your home or office. Here are some ways to energize, transform, and attract new relationships:

Fresh flowers - Especially pink ones (the color pink is most closely associated with this area of the BaGua.) Crystal Balls - Hang a pink one in the right hand corner of your home and your bedroom to harmonize the ch'i in your relationship. Feng Shui crystals can also be used in offices. Mirrors - Round mirrors are best in a bedroom and/or over your bed to create a harmonious relationship. Wedding Photos - Place them in the relationship area of your home and in the relationship area of your bedroom. Aromatherapy Fragrances - To spice up your love life, spray Aphrodisia , from Sacred Scents™ in your bedroom and on your body, burn a Seduction Candle , Sensuality Incense , use our Love Oil in a bath, or burn Love Incense.

For wedding ceremonies, gifts, or as a feng shui cure, wear our Marriage Charm Bracelet� & Earrings� - Wear daily to attract a mate or strengthen your marriage. Try our Double Happiness envelopes, or Double Happiness stickers . The Brass Double Happiness Wall Hanging looks great in your home or in a wedding celebration."


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