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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Feng Shui Design Tips For the Knowledge/Self-Cultivation Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips For the Knowledge/Self-Cultivation Area

This section of the BaGua might very well be where your front door is located since it is on the left side when you enter your home or office (refer to diagram above for exact location on BaGua). Although the Knowledge area seems less exciting than your Wealth or Fame area, it is naturally important since your career and everything you do in life is influenced by the knowledge you have acquired. If you have children in school or are applying to college, then you definitely need enhancements here. One mother placed a Feng Shui crystal over a desk in the Knowledge area to ensure that her son got into the college of his choice. The Knowledge area of the BaGua is associated with the Earth element, which is characterized by a solidness and stillness and the colors black, blue and green. It is appropriate to have bookcases, papers, files and anything else that enhances your knowledge in this section of your home or office. If this area is in disarray, you may not be handling things in your life very well. Clutter in any area of the BaGua can cause blockages or problems with the corresponding area of your work or home life."


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