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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Feng Shui Design Tips for the Benefactors Area

Feng Shui Design Tips: "Design Tips for the Benefactors Area

Everyone wants more helpful people in their personal and professional life. The right contacts can make the difference between finding a job instantly and searching the help wanted ads for months. The Benefactor/Travel area can have other effects on your life as well. It is located in the front right area of your office or home. A good Feng Shui cure to start with is our NEW Helpful People Feng Shui Incense.

Barbara, a Feng Shui client, had an office that hadn't been cleaned in months. Her front door was in the Benefactor area. After I left her office, she straightened up and placed a mirror in the Benefactor area. The following week I received a call from Barbara. She was elated as she told me about winning a Free trip to California after buying a raffle ticket at a luncheon. She excitedly said : ' I've never won anything in my life before.' The ch'i was activated in Barbara's Benefactor/Travel area. Fortunately she also got a large order from a customer and was happy with the effect on her business as well.

Feng Shui cures for the Benefactor area include: mirrors, pictures, feng shui crystals , plants and any other enhancement you can think of. The color most closely associated with this area of the BaGua is grey. Use this color in design elements or paint the walls grey. "


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