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Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Straits Times - Malaysia News Online

New Straits Times - Malaysia News Online: "‘Feng shui’ master at 28

At 28, he is already a notable feng shui master. Joey Yap tells TAN CHOE CHOE why he chucked his account ledgers for a luo pan and how to spot a bogus feng shui master.

WHEN someone pointed out a lanky young man to me recently as a feng shui master, my immediate reaction was, understandably, one of disbelief.

In all honesty, I had expected someone in his 70s or, optimistically, 60s, with a white beard on his wobbly chin. Yes, I was looking for a Gandalf-the-White look-a-like, albeit the Oriental version.

"Just call me Joey," Joey Yap, 28, said firmly while I dithered over the "master" title or dai-si (a term used to address a feng shui guru).

Well, Joey, as he calls himself, is not your typical feng shui master. He is actually a commerce graduate from Curtin University in Australia, but since graduation, has abandoned accounting for "wind and water".

"It’s my childhood interest. I’ve been interested in Chinese metaphysics since I was 10, when I met my first feng shui master who came to do an audit on my home.

"From then on, I just went around learning Chinese astrology and other forms of Chinese metaphysics, like mian xiang (physiognomy) and ba zi (destiny) on my own," he said.

Joey’s enthusiasm even helped him overcome the language barrier because, like many today who studied in national schools, he was not well-versed with Chinese characters.

"It was hard because there were no comprehensive English books on feng shui but I was just too curious about feng shui to let it slip from me just because I couldn’t read Chinese characters, so I taught myself to master the language," he said."


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