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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bedroom Color Psychology

Article Search Engine: GoArticles.com: "Psychology of colors – the bedroom by Joey Lewitin

Color can have an astounding effect on perception, personal feelings, and even interactions. Different colors evoke different memories, and different ideas. In the bedroom, where one is supposed to be most at ease, it is important that you plan out your color scheme so that it creates the maximum comfort for you.

In feng shui, every color evokes energy. In order to choose the right color for a certain setting, the one who inhabits that area must get in touch with their inner self, and see which color they harmonize best with. In the bedroom one tries to achieve maximum relaxation. By choosing the colors that you feel most comfortable with, you will find the greatest contentment with your decorating.

The two extreme colors are white and black. Black is an attention grabber, and can create a very exhilarating effect, but it will also make a room look smaller, more closed off, and can create a dark feeling. Using black too heavily could lead to a negative effect on your emotions. Meanwhile its polar opposite white, is boring. Most rooms start off with white walls, and it is the generic look for many homes. However white is a good color for warm climates. White reflects light creating cooler temperatures and a breezy feeling.

The earth tones are gentle and will keep a room feeling organized and close to the earth. These include browns, oranges, and yellows. Yellow however is generally very extreme and irritating, and when toned down can look pale and nasty. Orange is the color associated with food and could lead to midnight snacking.

Blues and greens evoke serenity and peace. They are colors associated with nature and oceans. Placing these colors heavily in your room can help to calm the emotions of its inhabitants. Pink is an even more extreme claming color and many will find it impossible to act aggressive when surrounded by that color.

Colors in the bedroom should evoke relaxation and calm. By choosing your colors carefully you can actually control the subtle effects on yours and others minds.

About the Author

Joey Lewitin is an author, a designer, and an artist. Check his website to see some of his creations such as a variety of Decorative stone wall clocks and
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I'm just popping down the shops to grab some blue and green cushions for my bed. Back soon!

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