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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Timing Good Feng Shui Luck

Feng Shui Times for Articles, Resources and Feng Shui Tips for your Home and Office: "Timing Good Feng Shui Luck
Before attempting to define 'good luck' it would be wise to consider what category of luck that is taking effect. The very crucial Cosmic Trinity explains that a person's total Destiny is influenced proportionally by 3 kinds of luck factors - Heaven luck, Man luck, and Earth luck.

Heaven luck was already pre-determined by an individual's time of birth and cannot be altered. On the other hand Man luck, which refers to ones personal virtues, effort and motivation, is fully within ones control.

Earth luck is where Feng Shui comes in.

How would 'good luck' be defined then? Apparently it is the misinterpretation of many that 'good luck' virtually means money falling from the sky. A proper Feng Shui practitioner can tell you, in fact, that good luck is simply 'good timing'. Imagine - being at the right place at the right time. Similarly bad luck would then be 'being in the wrong place at the wrong time'. Imagine - you walk into the local bank as in any other day, and a robbery was coincidentally going on. Or - the nurse with the headache mistakenly gives you the wrong medication to bring home. You were her last patient before she took the day off.

It's all in the timing.

The 3 important areas in a house may already be well set to receive excellent Qi. The main door is located in the Sheng Qi (Life Force) of the house. As the mouth of Qi, let's say it is also activating the Prominent Facing Star 8 White. Wealth Qi will be flowing in any moment now. The master bedroom is then placed in the Fu Wei (Stable Seat) sector of the house. To add to that the bed itself sits on the Prominent Sitting Star 8 White. This room will assure many descendants and optimal health. Finally, the kitchen taps into the Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor), while positioned to face the owner's good direction. Everything is in perfect place.

So why is nothing happening?

In Feng Shui, the Time factor is as important as the landforms and internal positioning themselves. This is because, even when everything is set to receive wealth and health, certain Qi only comes in at certain times. In some years the metal Qi is strongest. They hit their peak in certain months, and at their height of power their effects will manifest more obviously. In other years, water Qi may become dominant. Consequently Fire Qi weakens for the whole year. Certain months may allow the Fire to flare up, but most of the year the Qi is cool (too cool and it can even 'freeze', technically speaking). Again, it's all in the timing.

Although Xuan Kong Flying Stars place emphasis on the timing of Qi, 8 Mansions has its own method in timing the intensity of Qi too. The point illustrates that, even when a door is set in Sheng Qi mode, tapping the Wealth Star #8, one cannot expect 'good Feng Shui luck' to be flowing in every single day and month of the year. It is crucial to understand that Qi is cyclical, and goes through phases of waxing and waning. The reality is that even with good Feng Shui, timing the arrival of auspicious Qi is also as essential.

Besides the Time and Landform factors, one other factor seems to be displaced when discussing 'good luck' - the Human factor. One third of luck can come from a person's very own actions and effort. A person has the capability to take control by seizing opportunities, planning wisely, and working hard.

Good Feng Shui can offer a person many windows of opportunities. Whether or not these 'opportunities of good timing' become fruitful, in fact, depends on the Human factor to take responsibility with wise management of the Earth luck. Timing exists in everything, and by being able to predict the Time factor, one will then be able to make full use of already good Feng Shui.

This article is taken from the Volume Two: Issue 14 of Mastery Journal, courtesy of Joey Yap.

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I truely have absolutely no idea about traditional feng shui. If you have any links that help explain it please post them as a comment, that'd be great!

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