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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Art For Your Walls

Feng Shui Tips - Free Feng Shui Design for Home and Garden - Feng Shui Book by Consultant Sally Fretwell: "Art For Your Walls

Pictures have an enormous affect on how we feel in a space; on a subconscious level, we react and respond to the images on our walls. For example, a hospital called to ask for help. Their Heart Unit, in particular, had a problem with significant nursing staff turnover, and depression seemed rampant

Upon walking through the halls, I found a predominance of pictures of dead trees on the walls. In fact, the entire building had disturbing abstracts and dark, cold pictures, with the one exception of the obstetrics floor, which featured pictures of green fields and spring flowers. This floor was filled with cheery people who took it upon themselves to add special touches wherever they felt they were needed on the ward.

Pictures of places or things have the ability to influence a change in your mood. For example, when the staff learned about the importance of incorporating life-affirming imagery and inspiring art -- instead of meaningless art or art which does not inspire -- on the walls, everyone felt the difference.

So, how do you feel when you look at the art around your office? Is your office art filled with uplifting life force or is it lifeless? All office spaces should have pictures that exude life force and continuity.

Remarkable changes, such as increased productivity, can occur when you choose the right kind of art. Focus on images that inspire you or make you feel terrific -- especially images that draw you into a scene, such as a picture of the Sedona mountains or a photo of people blissfully gazing out to sea. Such art opens a space in your consciousness where you can travel way beyond the walls of your office to that inner place where your vision and productivity may be the most inspired

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