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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Split Level Homes And Feng Shui

The Statesman: "Feng Shui SOLUTION: Split-level houses

Shreyans Rampuria
The floor of any building acts as a conduit for the movement and circulation of Chi or energy within it. A floor that is uneven or one having sudden changes in its level can disturb the smooth movement of Chi within the space.
The Chi loses its momentum and is unable to react, turn or move in different directions abruptly. This causes it to stagnate in certain locations within the space. Apart from this, this type of situation can create an environment that is quite unstable because the Chi movements can be disruptive.
Split level houses or those with multiple or split or uneven floor levels are considered to be quite unfavourable from the Feng Shui point of view.
Residents or occupants of such houses where the floor has sudden or multiple changes can find themselves lacking self-confidence. They experience a general lack of flow or lack of smooth sailing in their lives.
They can find themselves being interrupted and experience fluctuation, the same way the chi fluctuates because of the split or multiple levels in the floor.
The problem with split level houses is that the floor is even or at one level at one place but then it has an interruption or a break and it suddenly goes up or down. This disrupts the flow of energy in the space. This sudden change of path or level in the energies of the place affects the residents and occupants adversely.
Moreover the quality of Chi is varying at each of the multiple levels.
It is best to avoid floors where some portion is sunken and some portions are elevated. Otherwise, solution to this problem would depend on the circumstance of each case.
However, in general creating a subtle continuity is necessary so that the chi does not lose its inherent quality and behaves in a stable manner and flows smoothly at all levels.
Moreover, the residents or occupants at the different levels also feel connected.
You could hang a number of pictures of identical shapes and sizes at an appropriate height across one of the walls touching the split-level to create a one-level feeling throughout the space. In addition to this, some
up-lights can also help raise the Chi upwards and blend the energies of the different split floors.
At the lower levels, large healthy plants should be placed to create a stable environment."

So split level living with Feng Shui is no longer a problem - provided split-level living is your thing ;)

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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