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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rambling: Feng Shui at Work

Rambling: Feng Shui at Work: "Feng Shui at Work

Yesterday learn't some management skills from Time Life Ad.
See what Feng Shui can do to your work. Here are the tips.

1.Dispose of any cactus or sharp looking plants in the office.

Ditto with sharp toungues.

2. Keep the three-legged-toad God happy by always placing a
a good quality silver coin in its mouth.

Substitue the coint with a pint where your boss is concerned.

3.If you wish to be the leader in your industry, place a dragon
on the right hand side of your desk facing the door.

Compliment this with high-falutin management books on your
desk anywhere you please.

4.Get rid of the clutter.

This includes the comely young trainee who hangs on to every
TAM related word you utter."

Some great tips for coping at work!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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