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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Feng shui guidelines say education comes first -- not TV -- in childrens' rooms

Cuero, TX July 5, 2005 -- A recent study published by the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine showed how a television in a child’s room led to poor academic performance comes as no surprise to feng shui expert Kathryn Weber (www.redlotusletter.com).

As a publisher of the Internet e-zine, Red Lotus Letter, and a mom to two school-aged children, Weber is frequently pounding the drum to get TV’s out of kids’ bedrooms.

That’s because televisions in the bedroom are a big feng shui no-no according to Weber. “The purpose of a child’s bedroom is to help the child rest or to develop creativity so that the child is ready to engage in life. A TV disengages a child from life.” Not only that, but children aren’t focused on what’s important, Weber says.

Weber says that feng shui guidelines for children’s rooms are set up so that the child learns to be creative, respectful, and school-focused. “A computer in the bedroom is a clear signal that learning is at the center in the parent’s expectations for the child,” Weber explains, “and a TV in the bedroom tells a child that cartoons and passivity are more important.”

Weber suggests that an optimal bedroom for a child includes a bed, a reading area on the floor with pillows and books, a play area with games and toys, and a desk. “Too many children don’t spend time in their rooms studying or being creative,” says Weber.

She often consults with clients whose children aren’t motivated to study, who are disrespectful, and who seem unhappy. The common denominator? A television in the bedroom.

“If you want you children to focus on school, make education the focus in their room,” says Weber. She advises parents to display maps and educational posters, place a desk, computer, and lamp in the room, with a good dictionary, and the necessary materials to study, and says that parents might quickly see a positive change in your child.

“And I walk the talk,” says Weber. “My kids know that this part of Texas would freeze over before I put a television in their bedrooms.”

About Kathryn Weber

Kathryn Weber is the publisher of The Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine. She has been quoted in Seventeen Magazine, First for Women, Martial Arts Professional, The Dallas Morning News, and other local and national publications and websites. Contact her for more information at 361.676.8800.

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