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Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Happy Home With Feng Shui - There's Little Like An Autumn Spring Clean!

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea: "A Happy Home With Feng Shui
Long gone are the days when the lore of feng shui, or pungsu in Korean, was confined to East Asia. All over the world, interiors are being designed so as to create harmony and balance in the home and keep negative energy at bay.

Principles of making an energy-filled space.

1. Make use of lighting and plants

Lighting gives life to a home. With the exception of the bedroom, bright lights are best -- especially in the doorway. Plants are the easiest and common means of infusing a living space with energy. Foliage plants can work wonders in invigorating niches and dark nooks where energy can't flow well.

2. Stabilize energy by housecleaning

Furniture, pictures and other decorative items change the flow of energy in your home, so make sure to give your house a thorough clean when you acquire a new piece of furniture.

3. Fix things that aren't right

If the front door doesn't fit or squeaks, repair it quickly. Look around for torn wallpaper or broken furniture, making immediate repairs when necessary.

4. Don't stack things. Use space

It's easy to pile stuff in storage rooms, landings or on the balcony, but this causes negative energy to linger and makes family harmony more difficult. Use additional plants or lighting in such places to moderate the energy. Don’t, for instance, stack things on a landing next to the bedroom of a student sitting for exams. If you can't put plants there, hang a small wind chime or mobile that you touch each time you pass so that it makes a sound. Since empty rooms lose energy, its best to leave no rooms unused, or if you have to clean it daily and leave the door open during the day to ventilate it.

5. Flowers invigorate a space

Clear wind chimes or bells, fresh flowers and plants are very important in trying to create a feng shui interior. The vital energy of plants brings health to the space and to inhabitants’ daily life, and green energy helps emotional stability. In summer, a plant on the windowsill can bring down the room temperature. When selecting a plant to place in a room, choose one that is healthy, fresh, no taller than the head of the home, and not twisted.

Some people prefer artificial plants because they are easy to care for, but with the exception of places like doorways or bathrooms that never see sunlight, they are of little help in regulating the energy of the space.

(englishnews@chosun.com ) "

Sorry guys, this post is from Korea not China like I'd initially thought! Sorry! Still full of great Feng Shui Tips regardless!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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