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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip: "Feng Shui Bedroom Tip - Baby and Kids Bedroom

Give a kid a great start to the day with a good nights sleep. Quick tips to make your child's bedroom into a haven for sleeping and remove all the high stimulating gadgets that keep kids tossing and turning.

* Keep the bedroom simple and clean.

* The bedroom is for rest and relaxation.

* Place the bed farthest from the door preferably on a solid wall. The child should see all people entering the room when lying in the bed.

* No mirrors

* Keep computers, televisions, video games out of the bedroom. If you really want them in the rooms place them behind screens or in closed off armoires.

* Have a neutral paint color. Chose from the blues, greens, beige and light yellows. Accessorize with their favorite things.

* Have a good blind on the window to close at night or when they want privacy.

* Soften the windows with carefree drapes.

* Buy good quality beds. * Preferably out of pure wood such as pine and oak. Stay away from beds that wobble.

* Have a light for the entire room and individual table lamps.

* Limit the amount of toys and clutter in the room.

* Hide the toys in boxes under the bed and in the closet if space is limited.

* Choose soft, relaxing bedsheets and comforters. Stay away from the bright colors.

* To brighten the room use lighting or place a bright cover on the bed during the day.

* Keep garbage out of the bedroom. All waste should be placed outside the room in the appropriate containers.

* Place stars on the ceiling to bring in the night sky.

* Play soft music in the rooms about an hour before they retire. Do this even if they are not in the room. It lowers the energy, making the room more suitable for sleep.

* Keep active night animals out of the bedroom such as hamsters.

* No fish tanks or fountains.

* Design the room around the eight life areas.

* School is in the Northeast sector. Place their desk, books or school bag in this area.

* Family is in the East sector. Place a family picture here showing great love and happiness. A good photo is the candid shot taken on your summer vacation.

* Helpful people is in the Northwest sector. Place a photo of their mentor.

* Creativity is the West sector. Place their drawings or creative papers in this section.

* Abundance is the Southeast sector. Place a fake or real plant here or their piggy bank.

* Health is the center of the room. Keep the room free flowing. Imagine pouring a glass of water into their room. Where does the water go?

* Allow your children to participate in the design of their rooms.

* Keep phones out of the bedroom.

* Open the windows regularly to allow fresh chi into the room.
* Place a hanging crystal in the window. It will shine a variety of colors all over the room.

* Kids room should feel safe and comfortable. A place to be themselves.

The room should have many of the yin qualities at night. The above tips are able to transform the room from a yang room in the day to a yin room at night. "

Sleep well!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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