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Monday, August 22, 2005

Feng Shui: Unhealthy Homes

Home Improvement: Advice and Features: Feng Shui: ASK ANGI: "Unhealthy Homes

Q. I have had health problems ever since I moved into my new apartment. What can I do to improve my physical well-being?


First, check to see if you have any metal objects such as exercise equipment or mirrors in the east, which governs health. Remove them immediately – especially if they are in your bedroom or dining room. Next, introduce the element of wood into the east part of each room. This could be plants or woodcarvings.

It is very important that there are no open beams directly over your bed as these sharp angles can cause maladies. In addition, do not place your bed on a wall with plumbing, i.e. a shared wall with a bathroom.

Keep your bathroom door closed and the lid on the toilet down. This will prevent bad chi from circulating into your living araeas.

Angi Ma Wong is a feng shui consultant to over 80 major residential and commercial developers. Visit her website at www.wind-water.com."

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