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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Discover The Energy Of Your Home By Mapping It

Feng Shui: Mapping Your Home: "Feng Shui: Mapping Your Home

by Jane Alexander

So let's see how feng shui could help your home. I have to say that feng shui is a complex science and that a website this size cannot explain every facet. If you have a house with an unusual layout or, particularly, an apartment which has been created out of an older building and so has a very odd shape, you may find it tricky to apply the rules to your own space. There are two options here: firstly you could employ a professional feng shui consultant. They don't come cheap but, if you find someone experienced and good, your investment should be well worth while. However, the second option is cheaper. Many modern feng shui consultants believe that much of feng shui's power relies on intuition and an awareness of subtle energy. Hopefully this will be a skill you are already developing. So, if the advice here doesn't take into account your curiously shaped abode, don't panic. Once again, centre yourself, get in touch with the spirit of the house and see what comes into your mind. You may well find the answe within yourself.

However, given that, there are some fundamental principles of feng shui we need to learn. The first is the ba-gua. This is an octagonal template which divides any space (your entire home or simply a room within it) into eight areas. These eight areas (or corners) represent wealth, fame, marriage, children, helpful people, career, knowledge and the family.

Let's take a quick look at these areas and how they affect your life.

WEALTH: Wealth governs your finances, money and the material side of life. If you have problems with the wealth corner of your home - if it is missing, cluttered or blocked off, you will undoubtedly find money is tight. This area can also correspond to your feelings of abundance in general: you might feel "rich" with blessings, full of joie de vivre, with a sense of happy well-being if this area is working well.

FAME: Yes, this area can apply to true fame but equally it shows how you are viewed by the outside world: your social standing, your place in the world. It also takes care of your self-esteem and confidence. If all is right with your fame corner, you will feel good about yourself and who you are.

MARRIAGE: Not just marriage, but all relationships are governed by this corner. If you have unlucky relationships or would just like a relationship in the first place, this is one of the main areas on which you will need to concentrate. On a more esoteric level, this also represents your relationship with the wider world and, on a more intimate level, with yourself. We can't have good relationships with others unless we have a good relationship with ourselves.


If you have children this is an area you will want to ensure runs smoothly. If you don't have children but would like them, this is an area to boost. If you don't have (or want) children and think this corner is one to avoid, think again. Another name for this corner is Creativity and it can boost your imagination and artistic endeavors or simply help you find creative answers to problems.


Everyone can benefit from having helpful people in their life. Nurturing this corner makes sure the people you need greet you with a smiling face and a willingness to help. You could find help from unexpected places and people when this corner functions well - or simply that the plumber is swift, efficient and doesn't charge the earth.

CAREER: How do you earn your living? With ease or great difficulty? Are you happy in the work you do or would you love a change? This is the corner that needs to be kept smooth-running for ease in your employment; boosted if you want a higher profile; shifted if you want a change.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge covers a wide variety of ideas: this is the corner which can generate wisdom, ideas, learning and scholarship. If you, or anyone in the family, is studying this corner will need attention. But equally it offers inner knowledge, spiritual wisdom, fresh ideas and inspiration.

THE FAMILY: Not just our immediate family are represented here, but our lineage, our ancestors too. This may sound a strange idea in the West but to the Chinese (and other ancient cultures) it is quite obvious. Keeping your ancestors happy results in good luck and prosperity. However, on a more practical level, this corner ensures that families get on together - not just the immediate family but your extended family, relatives and friends. It signifies your role as part of a wider clan.

So you can see that, while you may have imagined that only one or two corners might need attention, if you want your life to run smoothly you really need to look at all the corners. This makes sense: a true home of the spirit is a balanced home. It should not just be a home which craves fame and money above knowledge and friendship. Nor can any home thrive on love and creativity alone: a certain amount of money and recognition will make life much more comfortable. So let's see how to plot the various corners in your house.

About the Author:

Jane Alexander is well-trusted as an expert in natural medicine, holistic living and contemporary spirituality. Her aim is to simplify the often arcane concepts behind alternative health and spirituality and make them accessible and meaningful to everybody. She is the author of sixteen books on holistic living, including Spirit of the Home, Live Well (a western guide to ayurveda), The Detox Plan, The Five Minute Healer and The Weekend Healer. Her website was recently given 5 star top rating by The Good Web Guide who said "If she didn't exist, you'd have to invent her and the Mind Body Spirit movement probably owes her a great debt of gratitude..her books are all worth buying." Visit JaneAlexander.org and find out why."

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