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Thursday, July 14, 2005

This Is Great- The Feng Shui Quiz

This test is great! What a pick me up (or let down, depends on your results). Sam, Feng Shui Tips!

Feng Shui Quiz: "Feng Shui Quiz

Take the quiz below to see if your life is in need of adjustment.

1. When I walk into my home I feel:
a) peaceful b) tired c) depressed d) sick

2. When I walk in my front door, I see:
a) open space b) a wall c) the backdoor d) a fireplace

3. The general state of my home is:
a) tidy b) in need of cleaning c) cluttered d) in a state of remodeling

4. In general, the rooms in my home:
a) are well-suited to me and my family b) feel small c) are asymmetrical
d) are dark and stuffy

5. The hallway(s) in my home:
a) are few and bright b) are long and dark
c) have rooms with doors facing each other d) divide the house in half

6. The windows in my house:
a) provide good light and air b) are blocked by plant overgrowth
c) have metal security bars over them d) are many and extremely large

7. In general, the walls of my home are:
a) covered with inspiring art b) bare c) painted dark colors d) damaged

8. When I walk out of my front door, I see:
a) a peaceful view b) my neighbor’s door c) a large tree d) an unkempt yard

9. Behind my home is:
a) a hill b) an alley c) a factory d) a cemetery

Add up your score using the following guide:

"a" answer receives 3 points
"b" answer receives 2 points
"c" answer receives 1 point
"d" answer receives 0 points

If you scored 22-27, you have an innate sense of feng shui, and know what makes your home feel good to you. Easy changes can make the difference in your energy level and give you that extra wind in your sails to reach your goals.

If you scored 14-21, your house has some basic weaknesses which can be affecting you and your family in negative ways. As a result, you and your family’s energies are defeated and thus, can be prone to problems and challenges. Learning how to make the right adjustments in your house can neutralize negative areas to stop the “bleeding” and allow you to move forward.

If you scored 6-13, there are many aspects of your home that are problematic and not easily resolved. Likewise, you may also be experiencing obstacles and conflicts that are not easy to overcome in your life. In these cases, you may consider seeking an expert’s advice to analyze your situation and advise you on the proper feng shui adjustments.

If you scored under 6, it’s time to move! There are likely some major negative energies around and within your home that are not easy to adjust. You do well to consult a feng shui expert on guidelines for your next home."

So how'd you do? How balanced and feng shui friendly is your home? What an awesome quiz! Check out our tips for some really great things you can do to improve things in your home!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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