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Friday, July 15, 2005

Want To Share Your Feng Shui Skills With Others As A Consultant?

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Feng Shui Expert Angi Ma Wong answers your questions.

Q. I have a passion for feng shui and want to know which books to buy, where I can take classes and how to become a practitioner?


Currently the two most popular schools of feng shui are the traditional, classical Compass School and the Black Sect Tantric Tibetan Buddhist School. Compass School is particularly scientific and follows definite guidelines translated from classical Chinese feng shui teachings and literature such as the thousand-year-old Water Classics.

The Black Sect School is more intuitive and thus allows practitioners to employ a creative license that would horrify a traditional Chinese expert. Because individual intuition varies, so do the interpretations and the results.

The use and application of the bagua is the main difference between the two schools. In my new book 'Feng Shui Dos and Taboos,' I give an illustration of how each school applies the bagua to an identical floor plan featuring adjoining rooms separated by a door on a common wall.

If you practice one school, stay with it and be consistent. Avoid mixing applications, especially in the placement of objects. If you get positive results from implementing the guidelines of one school, by all means, stick with it!

Of the more than 200 feng shui books in English, the content ranges from excellent to ludicrous. Research the background, experience and training of the authors – some are merely writers who have taken a class or two or have read a few books are jumping on the bandwagon, practicing and writing books without adequate experience.

There are classes at community colleges and universities or privately sponsored programs, but it is a challenge to find legitimate masters. Because feng shui is hot right now, there are many charlatans coming out of the woodwork. In my experience, true masters are humble, very knowledgeable and have themselves studied under Grand Masters for many years. I study with Malaysian Grand Master Yap Cheng Haiin Malaysia. It may be expensive but the successful results I am able to provide for my clients are worth it.

Another good way to find a legitimate teacher or author is to attend one of the many feng shui conferences around the world. Conference organizers usually invite the best and most well-known speakers to present at these events.

Don't be seduced or fooled by a fancy Web site with lots of bells and whistles. These may only represent the work of a clever marketer or very creative, talented Web site designer! I have horror stories from folks who were hooked by such sites on the Internet, spent tens of thousands of dollars for travel and accommodations to foreign countries only to be taken advantage of. "

I just thought this was important, where theres a passion theres a consultant or so it seems so if this is your calling then act upon it!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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