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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Feng Shui Tips: Bedroom Colors

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Q. Can I paint my bedroom yellow? What other colors are OK?

A. A soft pale yellow, like buttercup, is a wonderful color for a bedroom as it represents motherhood, relationships, love and romance.

Sleeping is a yin activity, so colors should be yin also – that is, they should not be too strong. Bedspreads should also be subdued, with colors and motifs found in nature.

Avoid bright "school bus" yellow – and never have a lot of red in a bedroom. Bright yellow and red are yang colors – too stimulating for a place of rest. Also avoid sharp angles and geometric shapes with a lot of straight lines, because they emanate negative energy.

Your bedroom should be a place of refuge, serenity and peace – a place to recharge your physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual energy. Who knows? In improving the feng shui of your bedroom, you might also attract someone new into your life.

Angi Ma Wong is a feng shui consultant to over 80 major residential and commercial developers. Visit her website at www.wind-water.com."

Is it just me or is Feng Shui just mostly common (and thus uncommon - I know my common sense skills aren't what they could be *smile*) sense? Another perfect example!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips


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