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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Feng Shui Tips: Organizing Small Spaces

Organizing Small Spaces: "Organizing Small Spaces

Feng Shui is based on organizing your space to bring harmony and balance to your home environment. Occupants of small spaces such as studio and 1 bedroom apartments have a difficult task of keeping their space organized.

The best advice for organizing small spaces is to keep it simple. The kitchen cannot be overrun with gadgets and the bathroom cannot have all the latest styling products. Bedrooms need to have only one set of extra linen and the closet needs to cleared out on a bi yearly basis. The living room and dining room needs to be multifunctional.

The key to organizing a small space is to ask yourself if the item is a need or a want. If it is a need you can keep it. If it is a want ask yourself if it inspires you or does it just sit collecting dust. Only have want items that inspire you.
Organizing Solutions for Small Spaces

Have items that are multifunctional in your small space. Example: ottomans with storage compartment, coffee tables with drawers or baskets.

Have a place for all items in your home. Every object needs a home otherwise they begin to accumulate in one part of the home, usually the living room or kitchen.

Use pots and pans that are multipurpose. You only need one frying pan, not an assortment because they are cheaper to buy as a group. Buy quality that lasts and is able to do more than one function.

Do not buy all the latest fads in kitchen gadgets. Steam in a pot not with a plug in steamer. Everything in the kitchen needs a home other than the counter. Keep it simple in the kitchen.

Have one set of dishware and give the rest away. An 8 to 12 set is ideal even for the larger gatherings. Buy nice kitchen dishes that can be used for entertaining and everyday.

Clear the clutter in your kitchen and if you do not use it, give it away. The most frustrating thing in a small kitchen space is not having the room to cook freely because of counter space.

Do not buy in bulk. You may save a few pennies but the added headache of storage costs more. Look for sales and buy one package instead of your traditional 4 or more.

Bathrooms are very difficult to organize in apartments. Make use of the vertical space. Place cabinets above the toilet, and on any available wall. Bathrooms seem to multiply with items in a short period of time. Place a basket on the floor to hold your toiletries. At no time, place items other than bathroom items in your kitchen. No pots or pans in the bathroom. The bathroom is a place to cleanse the body, it is not a good place for kitchen items.

A big collector of stuff is the bathroom and kitchen cleaners. Keep it simple and try and clean with natural cleaners.

Before you buy something make room for it in your home. Do not bring an item into the home if you do not have space. If it is a must have you must remove another item in the home.

Get rid of the countless plastic bags and recycle them to your local library or grocery store if they are accepted."

Another great article on clearing out clutter from the folks at about.com

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