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Friday, July 22, 2005

Feng Shui Tips

Lillian Too's Official Website: "LILLIAN'S FENG SHUI TIPS

Tips 1: Do not have a water feature in the bedroom.
Activating the presence of water leads to loss - loss of money and loss of relationships. Water features refer to paintings with river, waterfalls and lakes. They also refer to aquariums. Glasses of water by the bedside are fine.

Tips 2: Place a three legged toad in your living room near the front door for money luck.
The toad can face any direction although with him facing the front door suggests money coming in. Do not put the toad directly in front of the main door. Those who want to know more about all the good fortune symbols can refer to my book FENG SHUI GOOD FORTUNE SYMBOLS recently released in Malaysia and Singapore only.

Tips 3: Trim your plants and trees regularly.
This is to make sure they do not get so overgrown as to cut out the precious yang energy of sunlight. When plants get too bug they create excessive yin energy.

Tips 4: Hang a cut crystal ball on one of your windows.
Choose a window that gets direct sunlight. this brings in the sunshine in the form of bright brilliant rainbow colours. This is excellent for relationship luck and is particularly good in the SW corner.

Tips 5: A Garden in full bloom especially on the East and Southeast.
A Garden in full bloom especially on the East and Southeast brings good health and lots of money luck. Make your plants grow sturdy and strong and benefit from all the precious energy created.

Tips 6: Let each member of your family eat facing his/her best and most auspicious direction.
To find out what each of your four auspicious directions are consult my book Applied Pa Kua Lo Shu Feng Shui.The formula is also available in abbreviated version in my Complete Illustrated and my Basics Book.

Tips 7: Design a water dragon in your garden
Design a water dragon in your garden to enjoy tremendous and serious wealth luck . Then you will know the difference between being merely rich and being seriously wealthy ? check out my book on Water Feng Shui..

Feng Shui can also be activated to improve wealth, children's luck, acquisition of knowledge (exams et al), recognition (elevations in rank and promotions), and fame. For a full and comprehensive coverage on the various applications of Feng Shui refer to Lillian Too's third book Practical Applications Of Feng Shui. "

I still have absolutely no idea what a water dragon is but I love that name. If you have information please post it as a comment.

Sam, Feng Shui Tips

12 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng Shui Tips: "12 Feng Shui Tips for your Home:

• Do not put TVs or electronic equipment in the bedroom. If you must do so, put them in a cabinet with doors that can be closed at night.
• Do not put fountains in the bedroom.
• Always have a solid wall behind your bed
• Do not sleep under a beam
• Mirrors should never break up your reflection (tiled mirrors) or cut off the top of your head (hung too low).
• Keep all toilet seats down and all drains closed or covered.
• Use all the burners on your stove. Rotate using them and make sure they all function.
• Keep all plants pruned, remove dead leaves and remove dead plants!
• Keep walkway and the porch clear and inviting.
• Change burned-out light bulbs immediately.
• Avoid using fluorescent lighting.
• Oil squeaky doors. Make sure all doors open and close easily."

Great feng shui tips huh? Especially that one about fluros. You see, fluorescent lighting, whilst not being natural lighting for a start, works by passing electricity through a piece of mercury which flies around wildly insight the tube thus causing all kinds of disturbance to the flow of chi in your home. Personally I don't use this type of ligthing and I would encourage you to do the same!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips