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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good Feng Shui and Good Neighborhoods

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"Good Feng Shui and Good Neighborhoods
I have found an interesting coincidence with some of the better neighborhoods I have visited and the better feng shui houses that exist there. I am speaking of the 4 major house types which are determined by their precise compass orientation.

Here is one example: In the Pico/Robertson area of Los Angeles, there is a neighborhood south of Pico Blvd. called "Beverlywood Adjacent" and it includes many homes that were built between 1924-1943. Those which are on the east side of Robertson Blvd. and face east or west are often the house types that are called "Reversed." This implies a house type that is more prone to money and health struggles. (Right next to a lot of gang activity as well.) This neighborhood has never been considered as prestigous as the neighborhood on the West side of Robertson Blvd. Many of these houses have identical floor plans and were built in the same period, but the difference in street alignment on either side of Robertson, makes them dramatically different house types. If you measure the compass degree on the East side of Robertson, the homes are aligned pretty much exactly dead-on east (90 degrees) or West (270 degrees.)

Then you go a few blocks West of Robertson and the street alignment is a little different, where the east facing houses do so at about 75-80 degrees and West at about 255-260 degrees. These house types are considered inherently good for money and people. So this 15 degree shift may look almost imperceptible on the Thomas Map Guide, but it creates two very different house types, consistent with the general affluence of the neighborhoods they are in.

Another predictable area is the San Fernando Valley, which is mostly laid out on a North-South (345-165 degrees), East-West (70-250 degrees) grid. Many of these homes were built in the 1950's and are also classified as "Reversed."

But when you get up into the hilly areas, with winding roads, particularly south of Ventura Blvd., the same 50's homes will face any number of directions, and often end up being better feng shui homes than the ones in the flat lands. Again, this has nothing to do with the size of the homes. It is the compass alignment combined with their construction age.

Another subtle shift takes place between Culver City streets in a Northeast-Southwest alignment, verses the slightly different alignment on Santa Monica streets in better neighborhoods.

In the fall of 1999, I visited a new 80-home development near Claremont at the request of the concerned builder. The Asian buyers were only buying the South-facing houses. I knew that some of this had to do with cultural superstition that South is a lucky direction. In this case, there was some truth to the situation, because new homes which face south are some of the best feng shui houses being built in the current time frame.

for more information contact:
Kartar Diamond
PO Box 67354
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Sam, Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Principles That Annoy Architects

Feng Shui News - Feng Shui Solutions

"Feng Shui Principles That Annoy Architects
It is often said that good design is also good Feng Shui. Generally speaking, I totally agree. However, Feng Shui principles of how ch'i moves in and around a building, and what kind of effect that has on people, will sometimes be in conflict with interesting architecture or landscape.

1. Does symmetry = balance? I have seen many floor plans where the architect deliberately placed doorways or windows directly opposite each other. Sometimes there is a whole succession of windows along a wall, and the opposite wall will be a mirror image. I have seen entrances or exterior facades where columns, hedges, and pathways create long straight lines toward a main door. In looking at these designs, the symmetry is obvious. But from a Feng Shui stand point, this is not necessarily harmonious or balanced. Think about nature, and winding meandering paths through gardens, and groupings in odd numbers. This is very different than the perfect pairing of windows, doors, or other architectural features. Two windows exactly opposite each other may feel like balance through symmetry from a designer's training. But this arrangement allows for ch'i (air currents) to either move too quickly through a room and/or the room leaks its vitality too soon.

2. High ceilings: A room may feel dramatic and larger (intended effect) when the ceilings are high. Most people initially feel good in this kind of room. But the function of the room will determine the appropriateness of high ceilings in Feng Shui theory. It may be hard to concentrate in a room with high ceilings, and it may be difficult to get good sleep as well. Sometimes the good energies which need to be cozy and contained in a small room, will get dissipated in a room with high ceilings.

3. Beams: The look of exposed beams can also bring personality to a room from a design point. But open beams in a bedroom are known to cause health and relationship problems in Feng Shui theory (in all schools of Feng Shui.)

4.Views from front to back: A major selling feature in many homes is to create a spectacular view from the entrance, all the way through to the back (showing a garden, or views of a valley or ocean.) But this is not the home you will sell to an adherent of Feng Shui. Once again, the premise is that incoming energy will make a bee-line for the back, escaping too quickly. The mundane result of a house losing its energy is that the occupants will have a hard time saving their money.

5. Angles and odd shapes: When a building or a single room has an odd shape, (not a square or rectangle) this can make the ch'i boomerang around the room, causing lack of focus, ill health, or arguments. I have often been in very odd-shaped buildings or houses, where the real orientation (of what is the front and what is the back) is also very confusing.
Just because a building looks striking from afar doesn't mean it is a comfortable place to work in. I once saw the design for a new building by some famous architect and it honestly looked like a crumpled piece of paper! This can't possibly be good Feng Shui.

**Keep in mind: there are some buildings which get classified as being good for money, but not good for health and relationships. The ideal is to create a building that is good for both, but given a choice, the priority should be more in favor of people over money.

6. Staircases: Sometimes the design of a grand, swirling staircase can make a huge statement for the room or entrance. But energetically, a staircase is a conduit for energy. It will swirl and activate whatever it is around. If the stairs are located in a positive section of a building, they can make it even more positive. If they happen to be in a bad location, then the movement they stir up will only further irritate the area. This can only be understood by Feng Shui practitioners who can calculate the "unseen" influences.

7.Aesthetics: Sometimes a home or commercial property just looks and feels great, and all the visual features are in sync with good Feng Shui principles as well. But every structure has been built facing a particular compass degree, and within a certain time frame, and those two coordinates may produce a house-type that can attract tremendous misfortune, even though it "looks" good. This is the level of Feng Shui that architects find most startling. How could it be that their gorgeous new home can create lawsuits? Or miscarriage? Or accidents? Or divorce?

The good news is that more and more architects are considering working with Feng Shui practitioners, so that the blending of their talents can truly create a superior space-- visually, functionally and energetically."

Sam, Feng Shui Tips

Teacher wins classroom feng shui makeover

Local News: "Teacher wins classroom makeover

PALM BAY - Southwest Middle School teacher Ronald Lewis may have to contend with drool when fellow educators first catch a glimpse of his new state-of-the-art math classroom.

Lewis was selected "Teacher of the Year" in Brevard County by Life Style Homes, a distinction that earned him a $10,000 extreme classroom makeover that will be the envy of the school district.

"They've left no stone unturned," Lewis said, referring to the cadre of designers, artists and tradesmen that descended upon his teaching sanctum. "Every teacher dreams of what they could do if they had the right tools. Because of Life Style Homes, I'm going to be living my dreams."

Lewis was selected by Life Style from a pool nominated by students, parents and educators as candidates for the Central Florida builder's Education Renovation program.

"My kids really stuffed the nomination box," Lewis said.

He's glad they did.

With the $10,000 budget, interior designers planned a new classroom environment centered around Lewis' interest in math. Using principles of "feng shui," they created a place they thought would be conducive to learning.

It's a fun place, too.

Lewis' passion for chess is represented in chess pieces painted around the walls. A custom-made oversized cherry chess set hangs from the ceiling.

In fact, custom is the operating word in the design.

Most of the furnishings, including a handsome teacher's desk and matching podium, were made to specifications. A large trophy case will provide plenty of storage for the 386 awards Lewis' students have earned in math competitions.

A 16-foot chalkboard with marker board wings will undoubtedly help with problem solving.

However, the "piece de resistance" may well be the brand new projector.

"I've been using just an overhead projector," Lewis said.

Those days are over with the installation of a projector mounted from the ceiling and a giant screen. The projector is tied to Lewis' new laptop and to a wireless network serving six classrooms.

The design team even took into consideration the use of nontoxic, environmentally friendly paint for covering the walls.

Lewis' beloved math team will receive a year's worth of supplies. In fact, thanks to Life Style, every student in Lewis' class will be greeted with plenty of school supplies come the first day of school.

Before John Luhn and Larry Hufford began Life Style Homes 21 years ago, they were planning to make a career in teaching.

"It is a well-known fact that educators are often overworked and underpaid," Luhn said.

Life Style's Education Renovation program is the company's way to thank area teachers for a job well done.

Lewis plans to share his newfound wealth.

"These kids are going to benefit for a lifetime," he said. "I want to share the classroom with as many teachers as possible."

He'll probably have a waiting list."

Sam, Feng Shui Tips

It's official, looks matter!

It's official, looks matter- The Times of India: "It's official, looks matter

When it comes to swank offices, city bureaucrats sure know how to add the special effects

If you thought government offices were all about untidy rooms, cluttered with cheap wooden or plastic chairs, with a pile of dirty files on a rickety old table, you certainly are living in a time warp. A visit to the chambers of some high profile babus and police wallahs will make you see the brighter, comfortable and luxurious side of the city's sarkari daftars.

Polished to perfection: The interiors of the DGP's office present a stone and wood combination. Designed on Oxford pattern, it has state-of-the-art furniture that includes leather sofas, chairs, false ceiling with concealed light, coloured glass panes that blend with the green background of the lawn. Conceptualised by the then DGP VKB Nair, present DGP Yashpal Singh and Assistant to DGP VK Gupta alongwith other officers, the emphasis has been on allowing an unobstructed view of the greens outside from the chamber itself.

Mandi magic: Though whole building of Mandi Parishad is an antithesis of the shabby image of government offices, its conference hall, meeting hall and officers' room deserve a special mention. The conference hall has hosted four meetings of UP Development Council (UPDC) whose high profile members include, Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Ambani, KM Birla, KB Kamath, MS Banga, Subrato Roy Sahara, Dr Pratap C Reddy and Nandan Nilekani. And one meeting of State Film Development Council which was chaired by Jaya Bachchan.

Beautiful interiors: SSP Lucknow's office is simple yet stylish. The office has undergone a complete makeover. SSP Navniet Sekera is more than happy with his new neat, attractive workplace. The office interiors designed by his Mrs Sekera and ASP Shachi Ghildyal, has home made curtains, four different types of lighting patterns and furniture which is quite contemporary. Soon his office will have a laser Indian tri-colour too.

Spaced out: The LDA VC's office also deserves a mention among the modern and jazzed up sarkari workplaces of the city. The office has a spacious and uncluttered corporate look with big, horizontal windows on three sides, stylish office table, wooden chairs and sofas.

Vaastu shastra: The office of Ashu Jain, competent authority & administrator, custom and narcotics, follows the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui. Every object in the room is colour co-ordinated. The dark brown Victorian style table is beautifully complemented by chairs, sofas, carpet, corner units etc. The window has designer cloth mats, lights have been toned down to slight yellow, sitting arrangement is on the south-west of the room, paintings, Feng Shui plant, chandelier, laughing Buddha, all impart a chic look to the office while ensuring unrestricted flow of positive energy.

Talk about room service!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips

Monsters Under Your Bed?

Quick Cures for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders: Cure Insomnia - Feng Shui Monsters Under Your Bed : "Cure Insomnia - Feng Shui Monsters Under Your Bed

Feng Shui Monsters Under Your Bed

by Stephanie Roberts

Good feng shui often requires making wise decisions based on your specific circumstances, rather than blindly following an ideal rule. The feng shui rule for storing things under your bed is 'don't do it.' But for those who live in small homes every inch of possible storage space is precious. If you are faced with cluttering up some other area of your home with stuff that otherwise might be put under the bed, how do you decide what to do? 

My preference as a feng shui professional is to keep the more visible, frequently used areas of the home uncluttered. If that means storing some things under the bed, so be it, as long as it is done thoughtfully and appropriately. 

There are two reasons why your bed is so important in feng shui. The first is the principle of proximity, which states that the closer something is to you the stronger its effect will be. The second is the principle of duration, which means that the longer you are exposed to a particular influence the stronger its effect will be.

If we were getting our eight full hours of sleep every night, we'd be spending a third of our lives in bed. Even with long days and not enough sleep, the average person probably spends 25% or more of his or her time in bed. Keeping the factors of proximity and duration in mind, this means that anything that is close to you while you sleep will have a strong effect on you, either physically or symbolically. 

Since you are probably well protected from below by a nice thick mattress, whatever you've got stashed beneath your bed isn't likely to be directly harmful. However, in feng shui the symbolic energy of an object or image is just as important as whatever literal impact it may have. If you are using your underbed area for storage, take a moment to think about the implications of whatever is down there, especially if you haven't been sleeping well lately. If you don't remember what you've stashed under your bed, it's time to take another look. 

Here are some things that you ought to find another place for:

- Shoes under the bed can keep you "running around" all night even when you are sound asleep. No matter how many hours of sleep you get, you may never feel well rested.

- Exercise gear, workout clothes, and sports equipment are also less than relaxing. Unless you want to feel like you're "going nowhere fast" in life, don't store your treadmill, rowing machine, aerobic step under the bed. Tennis rackets (or other gear for competitive sports) can bring a competitive, adversarial energy to your romantic relationships. It's best not to have any kind of exercise or sports equipment in the bedroom at all if you can find another place for it.

- Books and work or school papers can have an intellectually stimulating effect; if you have trouble turning your mind-chatter off so you can fall asleep at night, make sure you are not sleeping on top of a lot of information. Plus, chances are good that if you're keeping that stuff under the bed it probably isn't at all current, so all that old information is also energetically holding you in the past.

- Guns and knives. I really hope you don't feel the need to have these in your house at all. All that potential violence is not conducive to a good night's sleep, no matter how "safe" it may make you feel. A feng shui friend once told me she'd consulted for a guy who collected knives, and who kept that collection under his bed. No wonder he complained of a long string of failed relationships! Regardless of any other qualities he may or may not have had, that's a lot of cutting chi underlying what should be a place for romantic connection.

These examples should give you an idea of the sort of potentially disruptive effect the stuff under your bed can have. If you must use the under-bed space for storage, reserve it for soft, cuddly items like extra bedding or your winter sweaters. 

You may even find a good use for that space by placing something with positive symbolic meaning there, so you can take conscious advantage of the proximity and duration effect. For example, laying a mirror face up under the bed is a recommended feng shui cure for insomnia; symbolically the mirror reflects the bed "downward" thus drawing into a deep, restful sleep. For a child who is frightened of imaginary monsters under the bed, placing a super-tough-guy action figure under there could provide some important protection and security. 

A feng shui client recently asked if it was okay to keep her empty suitcases under the bed. If you enjoy traveling and want to do more of it, then having the luggage under the bed may help to encourage that. Inside the suitcases you can put guidebooks, photos, travel accessories, and other items related to the places where you'd like to go. For example, if you would love to take a trip to Paris put a guidebook to the city, a French-English phrase book, and a photo of the Eiffel Tower in an empty suitcase under your bed. Add some French currency or traveler's checks for the future trip. The suitcase and its contents is now a feng shui activation to help make your travel dreams come true.

On the other hand, if you've been traveling a lot lately and would like to stay home for a change, then I definitely recommend finding some other place to keep your luggage. If you absolutely, positively have no alternative to keeping suitcases under the bed -- and you really want a break from travel -- put a rock in each one and cover them with a blanket, to help them settle in for a long rest and to keep you grounded at home.

(c) copyright 2004 Stephanie Rogerts

About the Author

STEPHANIE ROBERTS is a feng shui consultant and writer in Maui, HI. She is the author of the popular "Fast Feng Shui" book series and the "Clutter Free Forever!" Home Coaching Program. For more tips and information, visit her websites at http://www.fastfengshui.com and http://www.clutterfreeforever.com."

Sleep well!

Sam, Feng Shui Tips