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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Free Feng Shui Design Tips for Building or Moving Your Home

Feng Shui Tips - Free Feng Shui Design for Home and Garden - Feng Shui Book by Consultant Sally Fretwell: "Building A Home / Moving Your Home

Have you ever thought about would there be a difference in how you felt if you were to move the home you live in to a new location? Some local folks actually have moved their home to a new location on their property.

One woman reported that she felt like a different person after the relocation of her home. She pondered how the same home could feel so differently facing a new direction. She found that in the prior placement her home faced west. The sun came up entering into her dinning area moving around the home setting in the kitchen area. As the home sits now her kitchen is fully lit in the early morning hours, the sun moves around the front of the home and setting in the living room area. She now has a fully lit living room for a good part of the day, which in the previous location did not receive sunlight at all. The home takes advantage of the sun in a whole new way.

Her home has lots of windows but it had felt dark inside and didn't take advantage of the natural sunlight that now enters her home. She had no idea that moving her home would change her life. This is not to say that everyone could or would want to move their home but it is a proven fact that how a building is situated on a property can affect how a person will feel.

The women reported she felt totally rejuvenated and recharged in the new direction. The previous direction she didn't feel like she had enough energy to do all that she needed to do each day. She reported her over all happiness and attitude is upbeat and positive. She could not express how much better she was sleeping and the difference of how each room felt in the home.

The reason for this article is to bring light to anyone is planning on building or is buying a house take a look at the direction the building is facing and how all the rooms are affected by how the sun moves around the building. Amazing things can happen. To homeowners who are not moving observing this will bring new insights.

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